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Lena Noble is a self – taught artist who was born in Ukraine and immigrated to USA in 1998. She has MA from Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. In piano.  She studied music, but painting and drawing was always big part of her universe.
Seven years ago it became her second profession.
Her favorite subjects are still life and animals. She works in oils, charcoal and graphite, mostly in small to medium format, and she is inspired by realistic representational artists – old masters and modern ones.
For the past few years her focus is on fine art pet portraits. She works in realistic style, trying to capture not only the likeness , but the very soul of an animal.
Studying music professionally helped her develop appreciation of beauty and art in general and  gave understanding of importance of discipline and everyday practice in creating art.
Moving to inspiring Paris for a few years gave her that final push to start realizing her dream of becoming a professional artist.
Recently she has become a member of Oil Painters of America.
She currently lives and works in beautiful Lake Oswego, Oregon



One thought on “About

  1. Hello Lena:
    I just purchased your beautiful seascaie on eBay. I see you live in Lake Oswego. I live in Portland and I have frequent appointments in LO. Could I just pick up this painting from you? My cell is 503-201-7735 and my email is linda@tesner.com. I’d love to see more of your work!
    Many thanks!
    Linda Tesner


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